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Blast Nozzles

ESCO’s underground mining division has developed a range of abrasive blast cleaning nozzles. These blast nozzles are available with a choice of liners in a number of styles, lengths and bore sizes. ESCO offers different nozzle materials depending on choice of abrasive, frequency you blast, size of the job, and rigors of the job site.

Tungsten Carbide:
  • Offers long life and economy where rough handling cannot be avoided and mineral and coal slag abrasives are used
  • All blast nozzles feature top wear grade material and thick wall construction
Silicon Carbide:
  • Offers service life very close to Tungsten Carbide but these nozzles are half the weight of corresponding Tungsten nozzles
  • Silicon nozzles are an excellent choice when operators are working long periods and prefer a lightweight alternative
Syalon Nozzles:
  • Provide a longer life with optimum air and abrasive usage
  • Suitable for aggressive abrasives such as Aluminum Oxide and selected mineral aggregates especially where rough handling can be avoided
  • Syalon nozzles will typically outwear tungsten carbide nozzles by 4/7 times and silicon carbide nozzles by 2/3 times when aggressive abrasives are used