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Cutting Pick Systems
ESCO’s underground mining division designs, manufactures, and supplies cutting pick systems for shearer drums, continuous miner drums, and boom type cutting heads. The RiblockTM is a radial cutting system that enables the user to change pick/bit reach depending on cutting conditions. The HexboreTM cutting system provides all point attack pick/bit users with superior cutting irrespective of the application.
ESCO’s Riblock features:
  • Incendive Temperature Potential Protection (ITPP), a pick back flushing spray system to minimize dust and the risk of frictional ignitions
  • Increased haulage rates, reduced dust levels, and increased production
  • Interchangeable standard 100mm to 130mm effective reach – during difficult cutting conditions the pick/bits can be exchanged without alterations to the drum
ESCO’s Hexbore features:
  • Pick Back Flushing (PBF) dust suppression with integral spray – most effective method to capture and reduce respiratory dust levels
  • Reduced risk of incendive sparking
  • Secondary filter in the base of the toolholder/block enabling the fitting of a blanking plug if the toolholfer/block is damaged
  • Sleeves made to suit 25mm, 30mm and 35mm diameter shanked picks/bits