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Nemisys® Lip, Tooth & Shroud System

Nemisys Success Stories

Learn how the Nemisys system is:

  • Reducing operating costs
  • Maximizing machine availability
  • Improving safety


ESCO Nemisys® Lip System:
Overview Video
Installing and removing the Nemisys tooth and shroud system
How to install and remove the Nemisys tooth and shroud systems
Available as a weld-on tooth system and a complete lip, tooth, and shroud system. 
ESCO engineered the new Nemisys system from the ground up. The lip, shrouds and teeth were developed simultaneously to maximize machine productivity and availability.

All components are sized to better match today's machines, and a streamlined profile optimizes production and machine working cycles.
The new tooth and shroud systems, with rugged hammerless locking mechanisms, help reduce maintenance costs through improved reliability, faster and safer replacement, and improved lip coverage.
The Nemisys system offers:
  • Four system sizes to fit large excavators, draglines and cable shovels
  • Slim profile lip and tooth system that requires less energy to dig
  • Up to 19% more usable wear metal on teeth for more uptime
  • Standard Duty lips weigh 17% less on average
  • 20% larger thrust face area on the system nose for better reliability
  • Contoured lip that reduces peak stresses by a minimum of 12%
  • Shrouds and adapters that cover up to 77% more area on the frontal lip edge​​​​​​

Field trials and customer testimonials from around the world have demonstrated the value that the Nemisys system provides in lowering your cost per ton:

  • 6.5% reduction in fuel consumption
  • 67% reduction in GET related downtime
  • 27% longer GET service life

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All statements made are for informational purposes only and do not constitute a guarantee or warranty of any kind. Results and performance statements are based on ESCO field or laboratory testing, or customer feedback, but customers are urged to do their own independent investigation and testing.  Installation procedures, operating and material conditions, wear and tear, and maintenance all may vary and therefore have a material effect on the results and performance experienced.