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ProFill® Dragline Bucket

ESCO ProFill® dragline buckets performs consistently across the wide variety of digging conditions in a mine plan. Tapers are optimized for faster filling with less drag energy. Each bucket is custom-engineered to pick up quicker and hang more vertically when dumping.

ESCO ProFill dragline buckets:
  • Optimized bucket geometry to help channel material to the center for improved material flow
  • Improved production below and above tub level
  • Minimize roll piles
  • The optional Reverse Spade Lip enables the bucket to fill faster more efficiently

ESCO ProFill Delta dragline buckets:

  • Rear taper simplifies rigging by eliminating lower spreader bar
  • Stronger cheek design
  • Improved tooth-to-hitch clearance for downhill digging
  • Better stability in tough and above-tub digging

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