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SecureLift™ Lifting System for Nemisys®

VIDEO: How to remove worn Nemisys points and adapters using SecureLift


SecureLift lifting system is an integrated lifting system for the removal of worn Nemisys points and adapters.

  • Using integrated locks of the Nemisys system to create a lifting device that allow for a more secure removal of worn parts minimizing unplanned movement of parts.
  • The SecureLift Lifting System represents ESCO's commitment to safety, by improving the safety of an already proven product, Nemisys. The SecureLift Lifting System minimizes the touch points for our customer, allowing for a safer interaction. With SecureLift, crews can more safely handle the worn Nemisys parts, reducing the risk of personal injury due to direct  contact with the product.
  • Extensive field trials have been conducted on two continents, with feedback from customers that they can't get SecureLift fast enough.


"It was definitely safer than the way we had been doing it," and "would use it instead of a nylon sling, it is easier and safer."  

-Customer changing out GET at a North American mine 


Read the full press release here.