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Stainless Steel Swage Sleeves
These swage sleeves are cast with the popular ESCO 40SS stainless steel, created specifically for swaging. High initial ductility allows ESCO stainless steel to flow evenly around the wire rope during swaging, for total gripping strength and extremely high crack and fracture resistance. During swaging, ESCO stainless steel hardens more than any other swaging steel to provide toughness, on-the-job durability and corrosion resistance.

Duplex Sleeves

ESCO stainless steel duplex sleeves provide the quickest and simplest way to make strong swaged turnback eyes in wire rope. Duplex sleeves permit easy adjustment of eye size. Grommets, plain eyes and tight thumbed eyes can be made quickly and precisely every time without splicing or die changes.

Single Sleeves

ESCO offers the strength and durability of stainless steel single sleeves specifically designed for use with the Flemish eye splice. During swaging, tough stainless steel surrounds the splice, increasing the strength of the splice and preventing unlaying when the wire rope is under load. It also protects the splice, preventing damage from accidental abuse on the job. The tapered elliptical design permits easy rope insertion and encloses the wire ends.