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Swaging Dies
ESCO swaging dies are precision manufactured using premium quality tool steel. ESCO makes adapters that allow use of standard ESCO Dies and ESCO swaging systems with other-brand swagers. ESCO Die Gauges provide an easy and accurate way for operators to check the condition of their ESCO Swage Dies.  Regular checking allows operators to monitor the condition of their dies and to identify when a die is reaching the end of its usable life.  By ordering ahead, operators can then eliminate lost production time and maintain the highest quality swaged assembly standards.
ESCO swaging dies are made in three block sizes:
  • 2" x 3-1/2" end dimension. Working Load Limit (WLL) 200 tons jaw pressure. Use on ESCO Mark 75 and Mark 87 Swagers. Weight: 11-16 pounds per set.
  • 2-1/2" x 5" end dimension. WLL 500 tons jaw pressure. Use on ESCO Mark 100 and Mark 150 Swagers. Can be used on Mark 200 and Mark 250 swagers with an adapter. Do not exceed 500 ton WLL! Weight 25-40 pounds per set.
  • 4" x 7" end dimension. WLL 1200 tons jaw pressure. Use on ESCO Mark 250 Swagers. Weight 90-134 pounds per set.