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Boy Scouts Build Preserves Camp Clark for Future Generations

By Steve Sester

​October 17, 2018

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Rain or shine our employees take on an ambitious project each year along the Oregon Coast: the Boy Scouts of America Build at Camp Clark. Think of a construction site, but set deep in the forest of the Pacific Northwest. As part of our commitment to social responsibility, this volunteer event is especially important to us.

Our goal is to bring together about 20 employee volunteers from Portland to travel to the Boy Scouts’ Camp Clark. We spend a full day building mini-dacs to replace aging tent platforms for the Scouts to use at the camp. Originally, these structures consisted of wooden platforms with frames covered in canvas. The mini-dacs that we build are framed and sided wooden structures with steel roofing that can better withstand the coastal weather. These permanent structures will be used by Oregon’s youth for decades to come.

BSA 2018 (6) (Large).JPGThis year, most of the volunteers arrived on Friday night and enjoyed a dinner of braised short ribs and chicken marsala prepared by our own John Brown, a 27-year employee whose culinary skills ensured our volunteers never left hungry.  After a hearty breakfast on Saturday morning, the building began.  Our numbers were down, but thanks to some timely process improvements by the camp staff, and great teamwork by volunteers, 10 mini-dac structures were erected by the end of the day

For the past three years, we’ve partnered with Stimson Lumber for the Build at Camp Clark. Stimson, one of the oldest continually operating wood product companies in the Oregon, shares many of the same values as our company and, as a lumber provider, is a natural partner for this annual volunteer project.


Similarly, ESCO has a long tradition of shared values and culture with the Boy Scouts. The connection goes back to our founder's grandson, Hank Swigert, and his family. Hank has been a supporter of the Boy Scouts and believes strongly in their mission, and the important role they play in the formative years of youth in our community.


Boy Scouts perform a critical role in our society. They teach young people how to make good decisions, to contribute to society and how to be responsible. These traits are important to employees and reflect our company’s values. Many of our employees have benefited from their involvement with the Scouts and many used the camps where we volunteer when they were growing up.


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The annual Boy Scouts Build brings people together to create something that may not directly benefit them during their lifetime, but that impacts society in a positive way. It reinforces our commitment to operating as a socially responsible business. So, by helping to keep the camp in good condition, we help ensure it will provide the same benefits that we have enjoyed to future generations of children in Oregon.