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ESCO Shares Education, Career Opportunities on Take Your Child to Work Day​​​​


by Dan Kearsley


Last month my eight-year-old son declared that he wanted to be an engineer when he grew up (I was proud, but also unsurprised, because I am an engineer by education).

I have to believe that this declaration was partially due to his recent visit to ESCO. I showed him where I work and shared some of the key elements of my role. As you can imagine, trying to explain what “work” is isn’t always easy, but luckily I had 45 of my colleagues to help explain.

For our annual Take Your Child to Work Day event on April 26, we hosted a fun, hands-on experience for children of ESCO employees. This is a U.S.-based event best known for introducing careers to children of all ages. At ESCO we offered a variety of activities showcasing what we do as a company, as well as the educational and career opportunities that exist in different fields.

The day’s agenda featured core themes of STEM, innovation and creativity. Close to 50 children ages 8-18 were split into different groups to learn about some of the interesting elements of the business:

  • ESCO’s manufacturing processes
  • Skills and software that are used to design and engineer world-class products
  • How the casting process works
  • How employees’ unique career paths led them to ESCO

The children were thrilled to see and learn about the molten metal being poured during a private tour of ESCO’s Portland foundry. Our team members took great care to explain what the operations teams were doing throughout the plant, as well as the processes and skillsets needed to perform their craft. 


Attendees also created their own souvenir—an ESCO keychain—by forming their own sand molds. The casting booth was staffed by a handful of ESCO employees who helped keep the children safe, while explaining the manufacturing and engineering processes involved in creating metal products out of casts.

One of the more unique activities was an engineering simulation using CAD modeling software alongside ESCO engineers. Tasked to create their own design of a mining product, the children were eager to show off their final creations to their peers. 

My eight-year-old son was excited to bring the blueprint of his product home that day. He keeps asking when we’re going to start production on his part.

To conclude the day, employees representing legal, sales, products, marketing, and even ESCO’s President, Jon Owens, shared their career experiences, advice and what it takes to be successful at a world-class company like ESCO. The panel prompted many questions from participants and inspired food for thought about their career aspirations.

ESCO’s Take Your Child to Work Day event led to some distinct, personal experiences for everyone. Colleagues overheard their children saying they wished “every day could be Take Your Child to Work Day,” and that their son or daughter had already decided their careers. As a community member, parent and ESCO employee, I appreciate ESCO’s ongoing commitment to STEM programming around the globe. Thank you to all of the volunteers who supported this year’s event and helped inspire the next generation. 

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