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Inclusion & Diversity

Be You and Belong.

At Weir ESCO, we are making a strong and public commitment to building an inclusive culture where our people feel they belong and can do their best work. We know this is critical to our future success as a business. And, although we are still early in our I&D journey, we have learned some important lessons already. 
We're on a journey. Come follow along. 
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 It Begins with Us. We're Listening and Learning.

Education, awareness and understanding are essential elements in continuing the discussion on equity, diversity and inclusion. We're listening and engaging in transparent conversations. 

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 Weir Committed to Inclusion & Diversity


Inclusion & diversity (I&D) are important aspects of a successful work culture that many companies are working to improve. Joe Huang of Xuzhou, China, is proud to be serving on the company's first I&D committee.

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 Women's Network Focuses on Diversity, Gender Equity

​The Weir ESCO Women's Network was established in 2014 by women in Portland, Ore. The network has since expanded to include other regions like China, North America, Brazil and Manila. 

 Experiencing New Cultures and Perspectives


Launched this year, the ESCO Youth Connect event pairs Weir ESCO families around the world in a virtual setting, allowing children to build cultural understanding and global citizenship—important skills as they join an increasingly global society as adults.

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 Contact Us

​​Do you want to learn more about our inclusion & diversity initiatives? ​​​​​Get in touch with us at  ESCO.Inclusion&
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