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Part of Everything We Do

Sustainability is an integral part of ESCO’s business model - doing more with less, eliminating waste, driving down costs, and empowering employees around the world to pursue continuous improvement. These business practices are standard across all of ESCO’s global locations and lead to sustainable economic, environmental and social benefits. The result is reduced waste, enhanced safety, reduced environmental impact, and continuous investment in the people of ESCO and the communities where we operate.

With foundries on six continents and customers representing the infrastructure development, power generation, mining, aerospace and industrial industries, ESCO has an opportunity to minimize waste in its processes, support growth and work with the communities in which it operates to achieve mutually beneficial goals.

ESCO has an abiding interest in supporting development in the communities where we live and work, as well as communities where our products are used. Every day, in ESCO communities from Portland to Shanghai, our employees lead the way in applying our guiding principles in he places they call home.

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ESCO’s safety efforts date back to the 1930s as foundry workers were reminded of the benefits of wearing glasses to protect their eyes against debris. Health and safety are central to ESCO’s True North of zero harm, zero waste, and 100% stakeholder satisfaction. The health and safety of all stakeholders are top priorities and guide daily operations at every level through a focus on continuous improvement.