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In November 2011, ESCO and its Portland neighborhood representatives signed a Good Neighbor Agreement focused on reducing emissions over the next five years.

Per the agreement, the Portland Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC) was formed in April 2012 to promote continuous improvement in neighborhood safety and livability as impacted by ESCO’s operations, and to facilitate communications between ESCO and its neighbors. This website is intended to support the NAC in its mission and to further support communications with the public.

ESCO Portland Environmental Hotline
Do you have an environmental concern? Please contact us at (503) 597- 4341 (24 hour representative) or  We will get back to you within five business days.​​​

​Upcoming Meetings

No upcoming meetings.

Meetings are held at 10:00 a.m. at Friendly House (1737 NW 26th Avenue, Portland, OR 97210).

 Past Meetings

Submit comments or questions: 
ESCO Neighborhood Advisory Committee
C/O Neighbors West-Northwest
Attn: Mark Sieber
2257 NW Raleigh Street
Portland, Oregon 97210-2630
Do you have an ESCO-specific environmental concern? Contact ESCO’s Environmental Hotline at 503-597-4341

NAC Members

Bob Amundson
Northwest District Association

Bob Holmstrom
Northwest District Association

Sharon Genasci
Northwest District Association

Aubrey Baldwin
Northwest Environmental Defense Center

Mary Peveto
Neighbors for Clean Air

Tom Giese
Neighbors for Clean Air 

ESCO Representatives:
Travis Quarles

Austin Peterson


Tori Cole
Neighbors for Clean Air 

Kathy Sharp
Northwest District Association