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Safety is a core value at ESCO. ESCO invests in facilities, equipment and training to create a positive and safe work environment. Although ESCO has a strong safety record, we still focus on safety for continuous improvement efforts. Observation Based Safety programs are standard at all facilities and provide a structured process for employees to record and correct at-risk behaviors before they lead to injury.

Health and safety are central to ESCO’s True North of zero harm, zero waste, and 100% stakeholder satisfaction.  The health and safety of all stakeholders are top priorities and guide daily operations at every level through a focus on continuous improvement. We are guided by our Safety Policy that outlines our core values and core commitment:

Our Core Beliefs: 

  • Protecting the health and safety of our employees is a core value.
  • Human behavior is a critical element of safe work practice.
  • Work can be carried out without personal harm.

Our Commitment:

  • We are all accountable for and committed to implementing effective processes and systems to reduce employee exposure to Occupational Health and Safety (H&S) hazards and risks.

Key safety measures such as training for all employees, ongoing monitoring and measuring procedures, communication systems, and guiding lean principles that encourage all employees to continually improve safety performance, have been implemented in pursuit of our True North.

ESCO’s safety efforts date back to the 1930s as foundry workers were reminded of the benefits of wearing glasses to protect their eyes against debris. We’ve become even more sophisticated in our safety efforts, as the entire company, from executives to our people in the foundry, strives to make ESCO the safest work environment possible.