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G.E.T. Detect

ESCO G.E.T. Detect


In-cab display in real-time

In-Cab Display mounted in the cab provides real-time status of the installed G.E.T. and notifies the operator of any loss with both visual and audible alerts. The display also serves as the sensor commissioning tool when removed from the docking station.
ESCO Smart Products
ESCO Smart Products
ESCO Smart Products

Customer portal provides full system data

ESCO also offers a dedicated customer portal that provides a consolidated view of all operating G.E.T. Detect systems installed at the mine site. The portal can be accessed from any web browser by registered and authorized users at multiple locations. The G.E.T. Detect portal also provides weekly summary and G.E.T. performance reports that are a valuable resource to help with planning maintenance, improve productivity and manage total cost of ownership.
  • Overall bucket utilization for a given week
  • Detect system performance and health
  • Bucket performance for each day
  • G.E.T. performance by location
  • G.E.T. utilization hours
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G.E.T. Detect
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