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Ultralok® Mining Tooth System

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ESCO products are trusted at mines worldwide for improved productivity and safety. The new Ultralok®  mining tooth system for cable shovels is engineered to deliver these same benefits, enabling your machines to dig longer and more efficiently with less maintenance interaction.
Replacing Super V® and SV2®  mining tooth systems, the new Ultralok tooth system increases productivity via a streamlined profile and point shapes engineered to dig more efficiently. Wear metal has been increased and strategically reallocated to extend service life and reduce maintenance. With the convenience of a standard hand tool, the new hammerless locking mechanism provides greater reliability and easier field replacement.
Upgrade to the new Ultralok mining tooth system to help maximize your operation’s safety and productivity.
Available in Whisler and Whisler Plus™ configurations
Improved Productivity 
  • Streamlined system profile and optimized point shapes improve material flow and increase digging efficiency by up to 6% compared to SV2
  • Extended service life via up to 4% more wear metal and a 7% average increase in wear metal utilization compared to SV2 
Increased Reliability 
  • Stronger and more reliable locking mechanism allows increased uptime
  • 23% increase in the stabilizing surfaces on the nose compared to SV2, to better absorb digging impacts from multiple directions
  • Approximately 64% more frontal thrust bearing surface area than SV2 to handle pound back and inadvertent nose wear
Safer and easier field replacement 
  • Integral lock helps reduce ordering, picking or installation errors
  • New hammerless locking mechanism requires only a standard hand tool
  • Shorter lock removal tool than the SV2® tooth system, requiring less effort and shoulder movement
  • Lifting eyes and weight markings for safer handling
  • Hammerless mechanical adapters available for ESCO Whisler Plus™ lips
 Reduced maintenance costs 
  • Integral lock for reduced inventory
  • No special tools required – just a standard hand tool
  • Tighter fitting ESCO Whisler Plus™ adapters reduce required lip maintenance during rebuilds
All statements made in this document are for informational purposes only and do not constitute a guarantee or warranty of any kind. Results and performance statements are based on ESCO field or laboratory testing, or customer feedback, but customers are urged to do their own independent investigation and testing. Installation procedures, operating and material conditions, wear and tear, and maintenance all may vary and therefore have a material effect on the results and performance experienced.