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Kwik-Lok® II
Kwik-Lok II wear protection runner provide a reliable alternative to traditional weld-on plate wear protection. They are safer and easier to change than conventional wear protection. Depending on the demands of the application, multiple wear runners may be used to protect large surfaces or a single runner can be installed to protect a problematic area of high wear. Kwik-Lok II runners can be installed in a wide variety of demanding applications including: hydraulic machine buckets, cable shovel buckets, haul truck beds, dozers, chutes, conveyors, crushing equipment, and more! Kwik-Lok II wear protection improves safety, lowers costs, and reduces maintenance.
Improved Safety
·         Lightweight wear runners are safer and easier to handle
·         One piece lock is fast and simple to install and remove
·         No large wear plates to handle or welding required for replacement
Reduced Operating Cost
·         Adaptable to curved and flat surfaces to provide maximum protection
·         Easy-to-change system reduces maintenance time to minutes rather than hours
·         Wide variety of wear runners available to protect valuable equipment in any application
·         Runners are reversible for maximum wear life
Increased Production
·         Reduced maintenance ensures maximum machine availability
·         Quick-change feature allows replacement during other scheduled maintenance
·         Superior ESCO alloys last longer to extend time between replacement