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ESCO Wear Management

ESCO Wear Management is a suite of products and services aimed at extending equipment service life and simplifying maintenance obligations in challenging high impact and/or high abrasion applications. We partner with our customers to analyze applications, wear profiles and maintenance procedures. ESCO Wear Management then develops tailored wear resistant solutions, incorporating appropriate products and materials to lower the cost of ownership and improve productivity. The ESCO Wear Management toolkit consists of a variety of products and materials including ESCO Kwik-Lok® II runners, ESCO E3® weld overlay, abrasion resistant (AR) plate, overlay plate, rubber, ceramic, plastics and bimetallic tiles, buttons, bars, blocks and runners.

The range of ESCO Wear Management services available varies by location, based on the local customer's needs. If a service you require is not available, ESCO will work closely with you to address your specific needs.​​​​​​​




Wear protection is more than simply covering surfaces with wear resistant materials. It is about analyzing wear patterns and material conditions and customizing the most durable and cost effective wear solution. The ESCO WearCheck 360™ is a comprehensive on-site wear analysis of your operation and is the first step in effectively managing your equipment life cycle and getting the most value out of your equipment.




ESCO offers a lease and maintenance program tailored to drive down costs and simplify field maintenance. The program keeps buckets ready and available for service when you need them, without the capital investment in assets or facilities. ESCO also offers a program that covers dragline bucket rigging.




Mining operations need to focus on just that—mining. When there is a need for custom fabrication to service machinery or processing plants, ESCO supply and service facilities utilize metal forming expertise and certified welders to provide you with the required components or structures to keep production moving.




To maintain optimum productivity and meet today’s application demands, mining, construction and aggregate operations require repair and rebuild. ESCO’s service staff will regularly visit your site, analyze repair or rebuild requirements, and provide a detailed proposal to keep equipment running at full performance.




ESCO’s fleet of service trucks provides a wide variety of on-site services. Our field service support team will get your equipment up and running with minimal downtime. ESCO service trucks are well equipped with state-of-the-art-tools and supplies to get the job done right the first time.