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IMG_1147.JPGESCO Celebrates Earth Day with Forest Park Conservancy

By Dziugas Radzius



Being good stewards of the environment and giving back to our community is important to us here at ESCO year-round, but especially around Earth Day, held each year in April. For these reasons, and for the last six years, we have sponsored an Earth Day volunteer event to give our team members an opportunity to perform habitat restoration and trail maintenance in Portland’s Forest Park.  


Given our location in Northwest Portland, many of our team members feel personally connected to Forest Park as it’s just up the street and we enjoy traversing through the park on a regular basis. When it came time to decide how to contribute on Earth Day, a partnership with the Forest Park Conservancy was a natural choice.


The Forest Park Conservancy restores and protects Forest Park, Portland’s 5,200-acre urban forest. By maintaining trails, restoring habitats, and inspiring community appreciation in the area, the Forest Park Conservancy works tirelessly to protect the n atural spaces we so value in Portland and at ESCO.

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Partnering with the Forest Park Con servancy since 2012 has given all of us an opportunity to participate in environmentally friendly volunteer work connected to our local community, while working alongside an organization that guides us in the park’s most pressing needs. The team from the Forest Park Conservancy has always assigned ESCO a different project each year. We have pulled ivy, transported trail building materials throughout the park, and rebuilt sections of washed out trails and damaged bridges.



After another harsh winter, trail repair and restoration were sorely needed this year! More than 30 ESCO volunteers dedicated their Friday afternoon to wheel-barrowing 12,500 pounds of large rocks and gravel to be staged for future trail work later this summer. Our stalwartly volunteers and their efforts mean that Portland’s residents and visitors are able to enjoy the natural beauty of Forest Park for years to come, and it gives our employees an opportunity to feel connected to the natural spaces in our own backyard.


In addition to our annual Earth Day volunteer event, ESCO supports the Forest Park Conservancy with a $5,000 donation each year. But no matter the season, the ongoing, hands-on efforts of our employees go a long way. ESCO also matches $10 for every hour spent serving a 501(c)(3) organization like the Forest Park Conservancy.


We are grateful for the opportunity to celebrate Earth Day in our neighborhood and look forward to many more years of successful environmental volunteer events for the ESCO team.

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